Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas 2010
Okay, so tomorrow is actually Thanksgiving but I've got Christmas on the brain!  Since we're very low on funds this year, I'll be making homemade gifts for everyone on our list and I've currently got about a million craft projects planned but very few started!  My mom hosts a yearly Christmas party that is always a huge deal and it's where I give several friends their yearly gifts.  The only problem with this tradition is that the party is the 2nd week in December so I've only got two and a half weeks to finish 2 embroidery projects as well as several other gifts and to figure out something amazing to get my friends who just got married since they've got enough embroidery from me this year!  I also want to make some homemade decorations this year like some festive bunting... soo much to do!!  I'll have some follow-up posts of things as their finished!  Anyone feeling the Holiday crush yet?

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