Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Idle Gentlewoman

Idle Gentlewoman

Idle Gentlewoman by laura-batson featuring slipper shoes

I recently went on a cheap DVD buying spree on eBay and picked up a couple of my favorite girly movies.  These are movies I love, can watch over and over, but I have to find times to watch when my husband is doing something else since they’re generally British romantic period dramas often related to Jane Austen.  I find I identify with the idle rich of the early 19th century.  Women of this class were expected to amuse themselves through reading, walking, needlework, socializing, taking tea with sandwiches and cake and managing the servants.  My penchant for this lifestyle is unencumbered by my knowledge that my life will never be that way even if we did win the lottery.  However, whenever it’s just me time, I like to put on some PJs, make myself some tea, eat something sweet, and sew or crochet while watching a movie.  Whether you’ve got a man around the house or not, every girl should take some time now and then to take over the couch and pretend to be an elegant lady with nothing to do but please herself.  While usually the pajamas are more of the t-shirt variety and the sweets are more likely to be Oreos than truffles, here are a few fantasy items I would pick up if that lottery thing works out…

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