Friday, August 17, 2012

Tesla is Awesome

My husband is a huge Tesla fan and to a lesser extent, so am I. The guy was AMAZING!! Also pretty amazing… maybe not amazing, more like hilarious is The Oatmeal. You can read The Oatmeal’s hilarious account of Tesla here.  My husband, who’s actually made it through several biographies says a few things are inaccurate but I’m guessing that’s more about him showing off his Tesla expertise than any important discrepancies. Now, The Oatmeal is helping to raise money to buy Wardenclyffe and turn it into a Tesla Museum!!! We’ve donated $50 and I’m actively spreading the word all I can. Donate here.  Spread this around like nutella people!

Learn more about Nikola Tesla and his awesomeness at the Tesla Memorial Society of New York.

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