Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Trigger Happy

In a rush of crafty enthusiasm after work monday night, I finally got around to a couple of simple spray-painting projects I’ve been procrastinating on for months.  First off – these cute little guys:

After lingering in my Etsy shop for months without any takers, I’ve decided to keep them and turn them into bookends. 
Step 1: Primer

Not always necessary but helpful since I was planning originally to paint these bad boys hot pink and I didn’t want them to have any spots showing through.

However, once I got them all white, I decided I liked that even better than hot pink!  They’ll need a final coat of regular white spray paint since the primer feels awful to touch.  With the drop cloth laid out, I started a slew of spray painting projects that had been gathering dust.

This little shelf was a thrift store find for only a couple of bucks.  You can see the little heart cutout piece that was originally across the top of the shelf that I was able to just pull off. 

Here are some other random items that just needed a quick once over. The plate’s color doesn’t look as bad in this photo but it’s a sort of mustard yellow or light brown, very unappealing…

Finished pictures coming up!

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