Monday, August 6, 2012


I've been mulling over creating a blog for a few months now (at least seriously, who hasn't spent a couple of hours drooling over Design*Sponge and thought, "I should do that!"?) and I've finally decided to get it going.  My first problem was picking a name, I kept coming up with names in French... pretentious and very hard for anyone to search for.  I also read on a blog post about having a successful blog, that you should make your blog's title descriptive of what you intend to cover in your blog like Young House Love, or if you choose a name that doesn't immediately imply what you're blogging about, like How About Orange, you add a tag line that explains a bit more about what you're up to.  For me, picking just one thing to blog about is hard!  I'm very into crafts and DIY but I also wanted to share the things I love and that ranges from Punk Rock and tattoos to the super feminine such as Jane Austen and having High Tea.  Tonight - Inspiration!  I will name my blog after the two extremes I love so much and write about everything in between!

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