Friday, October 12, 2012


Above is a rare picture of me and both our babies, Bear and Petunia (we're usually hard to pin down in one spot).  My last post was about a rescue we picked up so she's staying with us too and as of last night, the flea situation is out of control!!!  We've used a cream flea medicine before but it just doesn't do the job so last week we finally broke down and spent $180 to get them each a 6 month supply of the heartworm & flea pill trifexis but we're waiting on shipment and something went wrong with the prescription so that's another delay and now we've brought in a mystery dog and suddenly everyone is scratching so badly that my head is ready to explode!!  This morning I got up and did some research and decided to try spraying everyone and everything with watered down vinegar and to salt the rugs.  I've heard you can't mix flea treatments if you put your pets on pill form flea treatment so I'm hesitant to try anything that's not a natural remedy without consulting our vet first.  Cross your fingers for me and hopefully the scratching party will ease up till we can get this fancy medicine to work.  Anyone used vinegar as a flea killer before?  Salt?  Success or disappointment?


  1. Get some Capstar. Don't need a prescription. Horse feed stores and pet stores sell it. It kills the fleas on the dogs and keeps working for 6 hours. Keep the dogs where they hang out the most while it is working and it will kill the most fleas. It is temporary, and does not stay in the system so you can mix it with any flea control, but you are right about not mixing most topical and pills. I have never found vinagar to work. But is is a great deoderizer.

  2. here is the product link for more info. Most of our Florida fleas are resistant to the topical stuff.