Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mule Camp 2012

So I've been down and out this week with a bad random cold.  I guess I got a chill last weekend when we headed up to Gainesville for Mule Camp 2012.  My husband is from Gainesville, a town about an hour north of Atlanta, and we regularly go there to visit old friends.  When Zach started saying we should go up for Mule Camp, I had no idea what he was talking about, it's basically a town fair with a carnival attached.  We went up last weekend to check it out.

We parked at my brother-in-law's house and walked to the city square and on the way we got to walk down Green Street.  I've always loved driving down this street so it was great to get to walk down it and take a better look.  Green Street is one of those old main streets you find in the south lined with old Southern mansions that have been converted into office buildings and are all painted white for some reason.  You'll find the same thing in Athens, GA, but those mansions have been turned into frat houses rather than businesses.  I took some shots of some of my favorites.

This one below is probably my favorite because of the porch

Here's a detail of the molding

Detail of the Corinthian column

And this isn't a house but I liked the stained glass in this church at the end of Green Street.

When we got to Mule Camp, we met up with some friends first at the Monkey Barrel, the local bar and had a couple of beers before we ventured into the world of fried food.

This is our friend Devon's dog who we got to meet outside the bar.  Adorable!!

Our fried food adventure began with a classic corn dog (each)...

followed by some shared ribbon fries...

then we all decided to try a fried oreo which were pretty yummy...

 Elvis was helping out at the funnel cake stand...

So I had to buy a funnel cake from Elvis.  That was it for me but other continued valiantly on.

This final photo is my favorite, my brother-in-law taking on a turkey leg.  We washed it all down with more beer.... hmm... perhaps not my most vitamin filled day ever but a lot of fun!

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