Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dangerous Dishes

Last night we had a slight disaster.  Usually, after we’ve run a load of dishes, weleave the clean ones sitting in the machine until the sink starts to overflowand we are forced to empty and then reload the dishwasher.  After running a load the night before, I camehome and decided to get to work early and empty the clean dishwasher rightaway.  Just after I had finished and hadmoved on to starting dinner, my husband came home and told me those dishes hadbeen dirty!  Eww!!!  I think we were able to take all the dirtydishes back but the thought that a random dirty fork is still mixed into thebunch haunts me…  I decided we’re in needof one of those handy clean/dirty magnets for our dishwasher.  I’m loving these from Txalteredart:

Unfortunately, our dishwasher (despite looking like it's made of stainless steel) isn't magnetic.  Any suggestions?

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  1. Always refill the soap dispenser when you empty the dishwasher. If there is soap in it, it's still dirty. (My dishwasher quit a year ago, but that is what I used to do)