Monday, September 10, 2012

Christmas is Coming

My husband LOVES Godzilla. I assume this is the same kind of love I have for Hello Kitty or Totoro, just instead of the cute and fluffy, he's more drawn to the scaly and destructive. I decided last Christmas that I would make us both fun stockings and I'm working on his first, (Godzilla) then his little brother's which will be Darth Vader, then our tattoo artist's which will feature Dali, and then maybe one for me. I just can't decide what I want on mine, do I want a specific character like Ponyo or Stitch, or do I want something more generic like Christmas themed owls or a skeleton Santa? Jack Skellington perhaps? We'll see. Here's a bit of Godzilla but I'm unhappy with the cut of the stocking I started with, going to try to rework it to have more of an angle at the toe.

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