Friday, September 7, 2012

Finding Happiness!

So today, I found out that Quick Trip has cherry and vanilla syrup to add to your soda at their fountains.  I'm guessing it's made from something horrible for you that causes 8 kinds of cancer, etc., etc. but despite that, this made my morning.  I've now finished the humungo cherry vanilla diet coke I bought on the way to work and am actually considering getting another one at lunch...

Another thing I've discovered today is this wall paperfrom Famille Summerbelle.  It's called Un Dimanche à Paris, which translates to a Sunday in Paris. Isn't this the fricking cutest thing you've ever seen?!  Not that I have any idea how to put up wallpaper, or the money to afford this kind if I did, or that even if I did have an accent wall that I decided to splurge on with this stuff that I would put it up in a house I wasn't sure I would be living in until I'm old and gray so that I didn't have to leave it behind *deep breath* but I love this!!!  I think I might have to splurge on the tea towel.

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