Monday, September 17, 2012

Crochet at the Keyboard

Do you too have a brain-dead office job?  Are you posting on your craft board on Pinterest all day long but never have time to get any of them done?  Do you sit in your cubicle all day dreaming of craft projects you could be at home making?  Then bring your craftiness to work!

I have a phone job so my hands are mostly free but I needed something to keep them busy.  I've heard "idle hands are the devil's plaything" but mostly, they're annoying!  I decided to take up crochet because I love the way it looks and it's an easy way to keep my hands moving/my sanity in check while I dial/wait on hold/leave my 3 bazillionth (it's a number) voice mail of the day.

I love this bag I found at a thrift store the label says "the many moods of Poppy Jones" but I couldn't find a website to go with it.  It's structure makes it the perfect yarn bag to lug around and when I'm at work it hides away perfectly in a file drawer.

I'm making dozens of these simple yarn flowers that I will eventually sew in to one giant blanket.  Check out Skip to my Lou to see some great crochet flower tutorials!

Any suggestions on how many of these little guys I'll need to make before I start sewing?  I began sewing the other day when I realized that if I stuck with only one color, the flowers wouldn't stand out enough so I started crocheting bright white as well as off-white and I'm still way behind my bright-white but I have no idea how many I'll need total so I was just planning on sewing them together with a yarn needle and seeing where I was at.

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