Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Part I

I'm always guilty of coming up with amazing ideas on Pinterest that I never get around to making reality.  I've started my own board of pins that I've managed to make reality to keep track of what I've managed to take beyond mere inspiration here.  When I look at the difference between what I've pinned to motivate myself and what I've actually gotten done, it winds up being a good motivator to do more and pin less!  Since two of my favorite blogs, Young House Love and Bower Power are hosting a Pinterest Challenge I decided to blog about a few small projects I turned from inspiring pins to reality.

When I saw a pin for these miniature Christmas wreaths made from old shower curtain rings I got really excited since I had just found a set we bought and then wound up not using when the curtain we bought came with coordinating rings. The original tutorial came from Smile Like You Mean It.  I decided to make a few to start preparing for Christmas.

I didn't worry about gluing the yarn at first.  I tied the yarn under itself and kept wrapping until it stayed in place.  I guesstimated the length of yarn I would need to cover the entire ring and was only a bit short.  I was able to hide the yarn change by keeping the wrapping tight.

Once the wreath was fully covered I tied down the yarn end but didn't glue anything yet.

I chose to go with some gold ribbon and wrapped it around in the same direction as the yarn.

Once the wreath was fully covered things still looked a bit messy at the top.  This is where extra yarn was used in layers to even out the connector for the ring and where I tied the ribbon.

Fortunately I had a little set of these and used them to make a focal point and cover the ugly uneven spot.

I used the trusty old hot glue gun to secure the ends of the yarn, ribbon and add the stars.

 I had already glued my first star when I realized I wanted to add a hanging ribbon.

I added all three stars in a group.

My final mini wreath all set for Christmas!  I'm going to make all the leftover rings into these!

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  1. I love these so much. Pinned so that I can make some for Christmas too :)